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Making the cut - Docklands October 2010

Posted on 12th Sep 2012 @ 10:58 AM

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Got to be in it to win it


AFTER a fantastic response to my £1,000 makeover competition I was delighted to be able call our winner Marcus Willan to tell him the good news.

Marcus works for an international law firm in the city and has made his home in London after moving from Austrailia three years ago.

I visited Marcus at his office for a styling session, where I ask my clients all manner of questions about their tastes, needs and interests. Such indepth questions might seem strange but it gives me a much better idea of what the customer needs from their suit.

Occassionally I’ll hold these sessions at a customer’s home so I can have a rummage through their wardrobe and get a real sense of their style.

Marcus wanted a suit for socialising after work to give him a smarter look. Given his light complexion and hair colour I advised that he steer well clear of lighter colours and start his search for fabrics in the mid-dark colour range.

Marcus opted for a black, white and brown check-patterned wool that was dark enough to bring out his complexion and ensure he didn’t ‘disappear’ into his finished suit.

Now a check suit might sound fairly loud but it has the added bonus of being far more flexible than a plain block colour. Wear it as a two-piece suit and you make a statement and stand out from the crowd at weddings or special occassions but you also have the option of wearing the jacket with a pair of jeans for more informal occasions where you still want to look smart. The trousers will also look very sharp worn with a plain shirt.

Unlike some of us, Marcus is lucky with his tall, slim build. His frame means he can make the most of just about any cut of suit including those double-breasted jackets that keep threatening to make a comeback. Sensibly Marcus opted for a more universally accepted single-breasted jacket that will look great tailored in at the waist.

Marcus was also open to some of my trademark Q’aja design flourishes and opted for a white, silk-lined exterior ticket pocket and twin button holes. We wisely stopped there as there is only so much detailing you can get away with on a check fabric.

Marcus’ prize also includes a bespoke shirt and he took to my suggestion of a smart, white double-cuff shirt with my new twin collar design. Now that I have all of Marcus’ measurements and the design of the suit my team will get to work on cutting and building the finished product.

When complete I’ll visit Marcus again for a fitting and make any last minute adjustments to get the perfect fit. I’ll be sure to take some pictures so you can see the result.