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Making the cut - Docklands December 2010

Posted on 12th Sep 2012 @ 11:01 AM

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 England team’s French flair


FIRSTLY a big apology for missing out last months column. Yours truly was busy in the scrum with the England Rugby Team...I know you girls are all going to apply for a job with Q’aja now!

Former rugby player Florent Rossigneux for whom I had made suits when doing Lawrence Dallaglio’s wedding a few years ago called me to see if I could help the French clothing brand Eden Park to kit out England Team.

Eden Park was founded by Florent and four other former French International rugby players to offer fans and players a high end wardrobe to suit their interests.

They required my experience in tailoring and dealing with sports people to make the stylish clothes designed by Eden Park look good on some rugby giants!

Having not dealt with rugby since Lawrence’s era I was surprised to see how professional it has become now. The whole diet and fitness regime that has changed the way football is played with footballers becoming athletes, now the same can be said of rugby. I asked Martin Johnson about the change and he said “ You’re right Tony, the days of Jason Leonard when it was primarily about strength have changed. We need the props to be strong but fast too in order to win trys. There is much less body fat now.”

Boy he was not joking! Andrew Sheridan and Dan Cole were fine examples of solid muscle on the upper body with the toned waistline. This made the suit fittings interesting. Challenging but fun!

Pennyhill Park was to be taken over by the Q’aja tailoring show. We took some of our machinery along with our tailor to start work on the clothes as they were being fitted onto these fine specimens.

By the way, how professional is Jonny Wilkinson? There we are fitting him with his suit and the head of Eden Park, Damien Boursiquot, says something to him in French and the boy Jonny starts, and doesn’t stop, speaking fluent French.

Damien tells me afterwards it was perfect French, how cool is that?! So I asked Jonny “Are you dreaming in French too now?”

“Sometimes, but it’s when I start speaking French to the England players during play that’s worrying... joke!”