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Making the cut - Docklands March 2011

Posted on 12th Sep 2012 @ 11:07 AM

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Kitting out the England team


 FEBRUARY saw the start of one of Rugby’s most prestigious events of the year... The Six Nations.

Martin Johnson and his team - which has an interesting mix of ‘No Fear’ youth with some calming, experienced heads - went into battle with great optimism.

Eden Park, the official formal wear sponsor, moved to phase two of their supply... dinner suits for the black tie functions.

The suit, classic single-breasted with its silky lapels and flap pockets was livened up with a red lining and rugby ball-shaped buttons. A trendy narrow double cuff, wing collar shirt with an Eden Park red bow tie finished the outfit.

Then there was the small matter of tailoring the garments to fit some extreme shapes! That was when Q’aja - the official tailoring partner to Eden Park for the England Rugby Team - sprang into action.

From our point of view it was important to make sure we have the right tools and workforce to cater for situations like this. I am proud to be associated with Zamir and his team at Xcel Dry Cleaners.

There are plenty of dry cleaners around, but I needed a team that could handle some tailoring that would be very testing for general alteration hands. The finishing needed to be crisp and clean (hand pressing to give the lapels a rolling edge) with the garment looking as though it hadn’t been opened.

We brought in some extra equipment and my own tailors combined with Xcel’s tailor to deliver outfits that fitted perfectly.

Each garment was given either an embroidered name tag or embroidered initials on the shirt cuffs. This helps Dave Tennison, who has the difficult job of making sure all kit is available and correct for everyone at Team England for every event.

“I have to lay out the playing kit ready for each player in the changing room, then once they are out I prepare their suits ready for after match interviews and official duties.” Dave continued.